From spending quality time with my mother in the kitchen, I learned the steps to preparation, the ingredients needed, along with the actual recipe to prepare the dish. In cuisine, people tend to focus more on the cooking style than the actual preparation aspect. In Thai cooking, the preparation stage is actually more time consuming than the actual production of the dish. A lot of the spices needed for our dishes are actually a combination of different ingredients.


And now Thai food has become the most popular  exotic cuisine in the world . Our food is designed to offer a combination of flavors : sweet , sour , hot, salty and bitter. These unique flavors depend on special ingredients native to Thai Food


Here at Somewhere in Bangkok, we do our best to bring you the freshest ingredients. Every summer we grow a majority of the vegetables that we use in our dishes in our home garden. Vegetables such as, tomatoes, peppers, scallions, mint, basil, parsley, lime leaves, lemon grass, Chinese broccoli, long green beans, and cilantro. This year we harvested over 1,000 lbs of chili peppers alone.

All of our menu items are made to order, so you can specify if you have any food allergies, preferences, or lifestyle diet (vegetarians, vegans etc.)


We hope you enjoy your experience at Somewhere in Bangkok and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.